FAQ - Bannière

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What is our rate?

Our rate is the same as the French school board's in your region. There are 18 French school boards on our territory, therefore, we have 18 different rates. Please refer to your rate in our menu "Quick Links", under that tab TAXES.

May I choose to which school board I want to pay my taxes?

If you have a child admitted to the educational services of a school board, you have to pay taxes to that school board. If you do not have children in the school network, you may choose to pay to the French or English school board having jurisdiction over your territory. To proceed with the transfer, you must not have any outstanding amounts owed to the School Board.

How do I change where I pay school taxes?

There is a form to be filled out and returned before April 1st for the transfer to be effective the following school year. The form can be found on the CQSB web site (www.cqsb.qc.ca) or you may call the tax department directly.

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