International Students

Admission Process

Admission Process

To expedite the admissions process, we suggest that you follow these steps.

Step One

Please submit the following documents to the Central Québec School Board (CQSB) International Student Program (ISP) office.
These documents can be submitted electronically.They need to be submitted in English or French. If the documents are written in another language you will need to send certified translations either in English or in French.

  1. A completed Application Form and Student Personal Information Form signed by parents and student.
  2. All completed forms: Academic History, English Proficiency, Student Medical and Parental consent.
  3. Certified copy of birth certificate.
  4. Certified copies of school report cards from the last two years.
  5. Most recent report card for the current academic year.
  6. A passport size photograph of student and a picture of student in a relaxed situation.
  7. Letter of recommendation in English from an English teacher or school principal (written in English) explaining the level of student's English and academic standards.
  8. $300 non-refundable application fee and $500 non-refundable custodianship document fee. We will not open the file until we receive these funds.

Step Two

  1. You will be sent an official acceptance letter, electronically, as required for the Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and study permit applications, within one week of our office receiving all the required documents.
  2. The agent and student must then fill in the CAQ form online and pay the CAQ fee online
  3. All students coming to study with us, regardless of the term, must have a CAQ.
  4. Upon filling in the CAQ application, you will receive a file number from CAQ and you will be asked to send all required originals to Immigration Québec via ARRIMA

Step Three

  1. Students must send full tuition fees by May 30th for the fall entry and Nov 30th for the January entry deadline.
  2. Upon receiving the CAQ, student must apply for a study permit. (approval may take 6-20 weeks)

Step Four

  1. One month prior to arrival, student will receive final information on their assigned school
  2. One month prior to arrival, the ISP office should receive the student's travel plans

If you need any help please call our office at 418-688-8730, ext 3113, or email us at



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