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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission and registration requirements for the program?
You would need to download the application form, complete, scan and send it back to . There is a 300$ CAD non-refundable admission fee.

Do I have to submit English language test scores?
You do not need to provide test scores. However, you need to submit school transcripts from past 2 years, diplomas, and a letter from your English teacher or school principal. If you have test scores already, you should send them as well. You must have a B2 English level to be accepted. French level is not mandatory, however we encourage you to start taking French lessons asap.

Do I need a Canadian Study Permit and/or a CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec)?
You will need a CAQ (Québec Acceptance Certificate) and a Canadian study permit for all programs longer than 6 months. Less than 6 months, you would need to apply just for the CAQ.  You must be approved for the study permit before you leave your home country.

Do you have an application deadline?
No. There is no application deadline. However, we recommend that you apply at least two months before your start date for study permit purposes.

What is a typical school calendar in Quebec?

Please find attached School Calendar 2023-2024

Please find attached School Calendar 2024-2025

What are the tuition fees to study a full academic year with you? a partial year?
One full year is 13,000$ CAD
One half year is 7,300$ CAD

Please find attached CQSB fee schedule 2024-2025

Can international students apply for financial aid and scholarships?
International students are eligible for student awards after their first year of study. There are currently no entrance scholarships available.

Which subjects will I take at school? Is it possible to choose them or are they compulsory?
There are some subjects which are compulsory such as English, French, Mathematics, Sciences, History and Citizenship Education, and ERC.  Schools offer different option courses for other activities such as Football, Hockey, Basketball, Multi-sports, Visual Arts, Drama, Music Jazz, & Woodworking. Some of these option courses require extra tuition fees.

What kind of extracurricular and sports activities do you offer?
BasketballDrama ArtsFootballHockeyWoodworking, Soccer, Visual ArtsDance, Rugby, Music, Poetry, Theatre, Leadership, Spanish.
Some of these activities are not included in the tuition fees, the fees may vary depending on the activity chosen and the length of the course, please contact us for more information at

How international are your schools?
The language of instruction spoken at our schools is 100% English. You will enjoy a truly Quebecois-Canadian experience with a modern and international touch as we have students from different cultures and countries coming from 5 different continents.

Once there, what happens if I find classes or the language too difficult?
We can arrange English and French Language support at an extra cost.
Find subjects a bit difficult as well? Come and join us for remedial classes.

Are there weekend and cultural activities for foreign students?
Our schools offer students different options, such as field-trips, after school gatherings, or sports related activities. Some of them are free while some others come with an extra fee. We also offer 2 activities per month all year long to all our international students. 

How are host families selected?
Canadians are well known as being friendly, warm, welcoming and outgoing people. Homes are visited prior the arrival of the student and host parents need to have good references and a police background check with no criminal records. Most of our families come from our own alumni and ex-alumni network. Global Peace Index ranks Canada among its 10 safest countries in the world.

How far are the host families from the schools?
It depends in which school you are registered, but we always try to give you the best place according to your host school and your needs.

Will I get a Quebec high school diploma and official notes at the end of the academic year?
If you finish a complete school year with us you will receive official marks on a school report card. If you complete all of the requirements for a DES (Diplome d'Études secondaire) the Minister of Education will issue a diploma.
If your home school requires specific documentation after your year abroad, it is your responsibility to inform yourself about all the requirements and arrange for translation, certification and mailing. 

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