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Human Resources Department - Our Team

To reach a member of our team:

Telephone: 418-688-8730, ext. 3063

Fax: 418-688-7431

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Pierrette Laliberté Director of Human Resources
Assistant Director General
Marie Marotta Administration Officer
Fringe Benefits

Short-term & Long-term Medical Leaves
Insurance & Pension Plans

France Chamberland Superintendant

Global Responsibilities for Payroll

Nancy L'Heureux Coordinator of Human Resources
Hélène Larouche Administration Technician
General Payroll Matters

Maternity and Paternity Leaves
Attestation of Employment
Teachers' Legal Qualifications
First Aid Certification

Tanya MacMillan Administration Technician
Direct link to Pierrette Laliberté

Special Leaves
Leaves of Absence (Short & Long-term)
Professional Development for Support Staff, Professionals, Senior Staff of Schools, Management

Véronique Lafetière Administration Technician
General Payroll Matters

Evaluation of Schooling and Experience
Attestation of Employment

Alexandra Beaudoin Executive Secretary, part time

Administrative Support

Marie-Jacques Bilodeau Piral
(replacing Julie Laflamme) Administration Technician
Recruitment, Selection and Hiring

Confirmation of Employment
Mozaïk Establishment

Lisa Côté
(replacing Isabelle Nadeau) Office Agent, principal class
General payroll matters

Attestation of employment

Mylène Delage
(replacing Marie-Jacques Bilodeau-Piral) Executive Secretary

Personnel File Management
Background Checks
Support for Recruitment, Selection & Hiring and Follow-ups