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Transport Advisory Committee

Transport Advisory Committee

Role and mandate

Education Act – article 188:

Every school board which provides student transportation shall establish an advisory committee on transportation, the composition, operation and functions of which shall meet the norms established by government regulation. 

The committee:

  • Gives its opinion on each issue for which it must make a decision and on each issue submitted to it by the board.
  • Gives its opinion on the planning, coordination, financing and administration of student transportation.
  • Gives its opinion on the student transportation organization plan of the board and on the terms and conditions for the granting of contracts for the transportation of students, before the board adopts the plan or sets the terms and conditions for granting those contracts.
  • Gives its opinion on the criteria and the terms and conditions for using a service referred to in section 298 of the Education Act, before the board establishes those criteria or sets the terms and conditions for using that service.
  • Gives its opinion on the use of all or a part of the amount of a subsidy granted for student transportation that may be used for other purposes.
  • Reviews requests for permanent changes to pick-up and drop-off points and indefinite suspensions due to misbehaviour and makes recommendations to the Transport Department.

For any questions, please contact: transport@cqsb.qc.ca

The Members of the Transport Advisory Committee for the Québec City Region for the 2021-2022 School Year are:

  • Cameron Lavallee, Commissioner
  • Debbie Cornforth, Parent Commissioner
  • Julie Bureau, Superintendent for Transportation, Board Office
  • Frédérick Grégoire, Principal Representative
  • Sergine Gauvin, Vice-principal representing elementary schools
  • JoAnne Arseneault, Vice-principal representing secondary schools
  • Marie-Josée Rodrigue, Parent Committee Representative

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