Adult and Vocational Education

Eastern Québec Learning Centre

Eastern Québec Learning Centre

3005, rue William Stuart
Québec (Québec)
G1W 1V4

Telephone: (418) 654-0537
Fax: (418) 654-3670


Eastern Quebec Learning Centre is located in Québec City, at the corner of Avenue Lavigerie and Chemin Saint-Louis, slightly to the east of the Quebec and Pierre-Laporte bridges. To access the centre you can use the Henri IV or Duplessis highways or the 13 and 25 buses ride.

Our Mission

As an adult learning centre, Eastern Québec's mission is to promote student success, lifelong learning and to prepare our diverse clientele of learners for further education and/or the workplace. We provide quality English instruction in a stimulating, safe, mutually respectful and supportive environment. We support the individual learning process so that students can take their place in society as reliable, confident, professional, autonomous and successful adult self-learners.


Eastern Quebec offers various programs : literacy upgrading as well as all the general education courses for adults to allow students to obtain missing credits and/or pre requisites for their high school diploma (HSD), to register in a CEGEP program, to register in a Vocational Training Program (DVS) or to register in one of our vocational training programs : Pharmacy Technical Assistance, Hotel Reception, Assistance in Health Care Facilities, Secretarial Studies, Health, Assistance and Nursing, Professional Sales,  Starting a Business and Sales Representation.


  • SARCA (A French acronym which means Services d'accueil, de référence, de conseil et d'accompagnement: Reception, Referral, Career counselling, and support services.)
  • Tutoring
  • Cafeteria services
  • Hot meal program
  • Loans and Bursaries
  • Work study program
  • Equivalencies (SSET, GDT, GEDTS)
  • Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

Extracurricular Activities

  • Outings
  • Student Council
  • Winterlude

Annual Event

  • International Lunch

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