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Pre-school (Kindergarten)

Pre-school (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten for 4-year olds

The Central Québec School Board has one school that offers the 4-year old Kindergarten program for children based on the special directives established by the Ministry. This school is MacLean Memorial School in Chibougamau.

The intent of the program is to provide children and their families with the opportunity to learn about school culture and establish from the onset a positive, healthy relationship with the school community.  It is mainly by having children experience success as early as preschool that the school plays a positive role in their developmental progress.

The program focuses on the development of the whole child.  Children in the program learn through a play-based environment; whether it is initiated by themselves or by an adult.  Five competencies are targeted: 

  • physical and motor development
  • emotional development
  • social development
  • oral language and literacy development
  • cognitive development and numeracy

Each competency is recognized as having equal importance.

As children enter this program, it is understood that each child's learning background is unique depending on what was acquired at home plus the range of skills they have obtained.  As a result, the aim of the program is to build on the child's strengths by providing the child with rich, age appropriate learning experiences.

Click here to view the Preschool (Kindergarten) 4 year-old Program

Kindergarten for 5-year olds

All schools within the Central Québec School Board offer the 5-year old Kindergarten program.

Kindergarten marks the beginning of school – such a very important year!  This special classroom provides a play-based learning environment where children experiment, explore, construct their learning and structure their thoughts to develop their vision of the world around them.  The experience allows them to discover themselves as individuals and form relationships with other children and adults. 

The program has a threefold mandate:

  • To serve as a rite of passage that gives children a liking for school
  • To foster children's overall development
  • To prepare the groundwork for their future schooling

The program focuses on the development of the whole child.  Six closely linked competencies are targeted: 

  • To perform sensorimotor actions (fine and gross motor skills)
  • To affirm his/her personality
  • To interact harmoniously with others
  • To communicate using the resources of language
  • To construct his/her understanding of the world
  • To complete an activity or project

All children arrive in the Kindergarten class at various stages of development.  They also bring to the classroom their own unique cultural background, family history and personal experiences.  The program embraces this reality and as a result provides learning situations drawn from their own world of play and life experiences.

Click here to view the Preschool (Kindergarten) 5 year-old Program.

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