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Parents Committee

Parents Committee

Members for the 2020-2021 school year

A.S. Johnson Memorial School and St. Patrick Elementary School: Lisa Vachon
Dollard-des-Ormeaux School: Isabel Béland
Everest Elementary School: Caroline Cloutier, Chairperson
Holland Elementary School: Andrew McLaine
La Tuque High School: Christian Falle, Treasurer
Mauricie English Elementary School: Rachelle Grimard
Portneuf Elementary School: Veronique Castonguay
Québec High School: Jean-Luc Trahan, Vice-Chairperson
Riverside Regional Elementary School: Stephane Pouliot
Riverside Regional High School: Stephane Pouliot
Ste-Foy Elementary School: Pierre Masson
Shawinigan High School: Manon Veillette
St. Patrick's High School: Marie-Josée Rodrigue
St. Vincent School: Debbie Cornforth
Three Rivers Academy: Jimmy O'Flaherty
Valcartier Elementary School: Lisa Plante

Special Needs Advisory Committee delegate: TBC

Unrepresented school:

  • MacLean Memorial School

Pour toutes questions, veuillez contacter: SecGen-Com@cqsb.qc.ca

Role, Mandate and Functions


The Chairperson is the official spokesperson of the Parents' Committee. Among other things, the Chairperson:

  • chairs the meetings of the Parents' Committee;
  • calls the meetings;
  • prepares the agenda;
  • makes sure that the Parents' Committee runs smoothly;
  • creates an atmosphere which favours dialogue;
  • is ex officio member of the subcommittees;
  • is responsible for the preparation of the annual report;
  • encourages participation of the members;
  • between meetings, takes all the necessary measures to make the committee run smoothly;
  • is the link between the Parents' Committee and the administration of the School Board;
  • coordinates the work of the subcommittees;
  • ensures the follow-up of the decisions of the Parents' Committee;
  • keeps the official correspondence.


  • helps the Chairperson accomplish that which needs to be done;
  • replaces the Chairperson in his absence.


  • reports on the financial status of the Parents' Committee;
  • prepares the budget, in cooperation with the Chairperson;
  • prepares annual report.


  • acts as the link between the Parents' Committee and the Council of Commissioners;
  • communicates the Parents' Committee resolutions, concerns, questions, requests, etc. to the Council of Commissioners;
  • reports to the Parents' Committee concerning the above.

The Parent Commissioner has the same rights, powers and obligations as the other commissioners. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the School Board.

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