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Parents Committee

Parents Committee

Members for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • A.S. Johnson Memorial School and St. Patrick Elementary School: Louise Trépanier
  • Dollard-des-Ormeaux School: Mélanie Boily
  • Everest Elementary School: Andréeanne Robitaille
  • Holland Elementary School: Vickie Ghesquiere-Levesque 
  • La Tuque High School: Christian Falle, Treasurer & Parent Commissioner
  • MacLean Memorial School: Vacant
  • Mauricie English Elementary School: Vacant
  • New Liverpool Elementary School: Trevor Smith
  • Portneuf Elementary School: Vacant
  • Québec High School: Debbie Cornforth, Chairperson & Parent Commissioner
  • Riverside Regional Elementary School: Sophiane Lalancette, Vice-chairperson
  • Riverside Regional High School: Vacant
  • Ste-Foy Elementary School: Émilie Laviolette
  • Shawinigan High School: Linda Bechtiger
  • St. Patrick's High School: Kathleen Déry
  • Three Rivers Academy: Vacant
  • Valcartier Elementary School: KayLee Richardson

For questions, contact: sec.gen@cqsb.qc.ca




Regroupement de comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ) is the voice of English and French-speaking parents in the public school system in their region. It represents the parents of some 200,000 students, or 20% of all students in Quebec, spread over more than half of the province's territory.

Its main objectives are to represent, support, accompany and inform parents and member parent committees.

RCPAQ fosters, values, facilitates, promotes and encourages parental involvement in the Quebec school environment.

https://rcpaq.org/ (the site is in French only)

Role, Mandate and Functions


The Chairperson is the official spokesperson of the Parents' Committee. Among other things, the Chairperson:

  • chairs the meetings of the Parents' Committee;
  • calls the meetings;
  • prepares the agenda;
  • makes sure that the Parents' Committee runs smoothly;
  • creates an atmosphere which favours dialogue;
  • is ex officio member of the subcommittees;
  • is responsible for the preparation of the annual report;
  • encourages participation of the members;
  • between meetings, takes all the necessary measures to make the committee run smoothly;
  • is the link between the Parents' Committee and the administration of the School Board;
  • coordinates the work of the subcommittees;
  • ensures the follow-up of the decisions of the Parents' Committee;
  • keeps the official correspondence.


  • helps the Chairperson accomplish that which needs to be done;
  • replaces the Chairperson in his absence.


  • reports on the financial status of the Parents' Committee;
  • prepares the budget, in cooperation with the Chairperson;
  • prepares annual report.


  • acts as the link between the Parents' Committee and the Council of Commissioners;
  • communicates the Parents' Committee resolutions, concerns, questions, requests, etc. to the Council of Commissioners;
  • reports to the Parents' Committee concerning the above.

The Parent Commissioner has the same rights, powers and obligations as the other commissioners. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the School Board.

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