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Mauricie English Elementary School

Mauricie English Elementary School

1241, rue Nicolas-Perrot
Trois-Rivières, Québec
G9A 1C2

Phone: 819 376-7676
Fax: 819 373-8721



Mauricie English Elementary School (MEES) is located in the city of Trois-Rivières and is accessible via exit Des Chenaux off Autoroute 40. It is located at the corner of rue St-Maurice and rue Nicolas-Perrot.


Mauricie English Elementary encourages success for each student through a supportive partnership among our school staff, parents and community. MEES fosters self-esteem, respect for self and of others and a sense of responsibility in addition to academic success.


At MEES we pride ourselves on being a true Professional Learning Community.  We have expert educators that work in collaboration to ensure our students are proficient in both English and French.  We truly believe that developing global citizens requires the right balance of social and academic education.  We emphasize student leadership, culture in the community, the arts and of course health  and physical fitness.  Our programs are complemented by visits to local historic sites in vieux Trois-Rivières, trips to museums such as Borealis, Île Saint-Quentin, local apple orchards and camps.  Each year we welcome local artists and athletes as well as a Montreal based theatre group called Geordie Productions

Support Services

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Psychologist

  • Re-adaptation Officer

  • Special EducationTechnicians

  • Remedial Teachers

  • Homework Help Program

  • Daycare Service

  • Dental Hygienist CIUSSS

  • Nurse CIUSSS

  • Social Worker CIUSSS

  • Spiritual Animator

  • Cafeteria Hot Lunch Service


Extracurricular Activities (offered through daycare)

  • Football

  • Cooking

  • Floor Hockey

  • Yearbook

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Paint by Numbers

  • Christmas Crafts

  • Chess

  • Movie Making

  • Scrap-booking

  • Talent Show

Annual Events

  • Meet and Greet

  • Halloween Costume Dance

  • Winter Show

  • Winter Carnival

  • Public Speaking

  • Spring Talent Show

  • Improv:  teachers versus students

  • Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

  • Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony

  • June Welcome picnic for new Kindergarten students

Participation of Parents

Governing Board

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