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MacLean Memorial School

MacLean Memorial School

159, 5e Avenue
Chibougamau, Québec
G8P 2E6

Telephone: 418 748-2038
Fax: 418 748-4892



MacLean Memorial School is located in the town of Chibougamau (population: 7,541) in the Northern Quebec region. It is about 230 km north from St-Félicien (Lac St-Jean), accessible via Highway 167. This K-11 school counts about 160 students at the elementary level and about 90 students at the secondary level.  Close to 60% of our school population is from the Cree nation.


The vision of MacLean Memorial School is captured in the words found on the crest of the school: Motivation, Achievement and Unity.  Its mission is to provide an English-language education fostering cultural and community bridges to lifelong learning. The students and parents of the MacLean community come mainly from French-speaking and Cree-speaking backgrounds, while Anglophone families comprise only 2% of the school population. The school embraces this wonderful diversity into its family atmosphere, while the richness of its multi-cultural environment gives all people a sense of belonging.


MacLean Memorial offers an English-language learning following the Quebec Education Program (QEP).  At the elementary level, daily activities improving literacy and numeracy skills are promoted. At the Secondary level, students are provided with a well-rounded basic program to help all individual students develop to their full potential. Online courses are available for Secondary students wishing to pursue studies in science. At both Elementary and Secondary levels, the Accelerated Reader program is also used to promote reading and the DreamBox program is used to develop mathematical proficiency. The school gets extra funding for special student programs, projects and support through the Native Success Grant and through the New Approaches New Solutions Grant.

Support Services

  • Special Education Technicians
  • French Second Language Monitors
  • Homework Assistance Program
  • Guidance Counselor

Extracurricular Activities

  • Basketball teams, one for boys and one for girls
  • Art and various other interest clubs
  • Educational field trips: Leadership conferences, WE Day, visit to CÉGEPs, participation in the annual CQSB Drama/Art Festival and Basketball Tournament, visit to Chantier Chibougamau (sawmills), visit to local mining companies, trip to the zoo in St-Félicien
  • Participation in various community events, including career fairs and youth gala evenings 

Annual Events

  • Corn Boil Welcoming Activity
  • Traditional Governing Board Orange Sale Fundraising
  • Christmas Concert
  • Spring or Winter Carnival
  • Family Pot Luck supper
  • Flea Market and/or 30-hour Famine
  • Sponsorship of two foster children in developing countries
  • Christmas fundraising : Noël pour tout le monde
  • Jump Rope for Heart

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