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Shawinigan High School

Shawinigan High School

1125, avenue des Cèdres
Shawinigan, Québec
G9N 1P7

Telephone: 819 536-2116
Fax: 819 536-3096

Shawinigan High School


Shawinigan High School is a combined elementary and secondary school serving the Shawinigan area and surrounding municipalities. It is located in the city of Shawinigan in the region of La Mauricie. The main access roads to the region of La Mauricie are Autoroutes 40 and 55 as well as provincial roads 138 and 155.


We, the Shawinigan High School community (students, parents and staff) are committed to academic excellence. We believe the student will attain academic excellence, the achievement of one's personal best, through patience, perseverance, and participation. We also believe that the staff and parents can aid in the attainment of academic excellence through cooperation, collaboration, and caring. Together, we can do it! The following beliefs and values are the pillars of our community:

Respect -- We believe every person has the right to be respected but also the obligation to respect themselves, others and property

Community -- We believe in a caring, open, and friendly environment and in a place where everyone can learn.

Spirit -- We believe in promoting pride by celebrating our community, our efforts and our accomplishments.

Success -- We believe that excellence is defined by the achievement of one's personal best and we encourage all of our members to reach their fullest potential.



A Small School Community- small classes, individual support and attention, a sense of belonging and knowing everyone in the community, group work is easily facilitated, K-11 continuum for students, small numbers means easier to adapt programs and material to individual needs.

Strong Bilingual program – 97% of our students are Francophone first language students at our school to learn English. Because of this fact, home and community support French Language mastery, school provides English instruction. The result is a Bilingual student graduate.

Unique – SHS is the only English language school in the Shawinigan region and we are able to offer our graduates more opportunities for post-secondary schools (French & English).


At SHS, you will find:

  • Staff members are qualified, dedicated, concerned and always present.
  • Daycare – before and after school and on pedagogical days
  • Kindergarten
  • Tutoring Services (all levels)
  • Student Council
  • Options (Sports/Discovery)
  • House System (Secondary and grade 6)
  • Environmental Green Team
  • Full Academic Requisites from K-Secondary 5
  • A School Dress Code


Traditional Setting with Updated Facilities:

  • Gym
  • Library/Resource Centre
  • Computer Lab
  • New and Improved Playground
  • Clean and safe
  • Close to town facilities (arena, outdoor rinks, city hall, public bussing, courthouse)

Support Services

  • Special Education Technicians
  • French Second Language Tutor
  • School Psychologist
  • School Psychoeducator
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Student Life Animator

Extracurricular Activities

  • Intramural Sports Activities (Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby)
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Basketball Program


Annual Events

  • Terry Fox Run
  • Benson Track & Field
  • Elf Auction
  • Christmas Concert
  • Home & School Christmas Lunch
  • Ski Day (Secondary)
  • Sliding (Elementary)
  • SHS Celebrates
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Home & School End-of Year Activities & BBQ


Participation of Parents

  • Governing Board
  • Home & School Association

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