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Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten)

Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten)

The Early Childhood Education (Pre-Kindergarten) Program is offered in the following CQSB schools:

  • Everest Elementary School
  • Holland Elementary School
  • Jimmy Sandy Memorial School
  • Jimmy Sandy Memorial Elementary School
  • La Tuque High School
  • MacLean Memorial School
  • Mauricie English Elementary School
  • Ste-Foy Elementary School
  • St. Patrick Elementary School
  • St. Vincent Elementary School

Quebec's Educational Program for Childcare Services was developed by the Ministère de la famille.  The intent of the program is to foster children's overall development in a number of areas as well as help children harmoniously integrate and adapt to life in society.  The five basic principles of the program are:

  • Each child is unique
  • Children are the primary agents of their development
  • Child development is a comprehensive, integrated process
  • Children learn through play
  • Cooperation between childcare personnel and parents is essential for the harmonious development of the child

It is believed that play is the main tool whereby children express themselves, learn and develop.  Activities are created with this in mind; ensuring a play-based environment for children.

The program outlines five main dimensions that focus on the development of the whole child:

  • Emotional
  • Physical and motor
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Social and Moral

The program considers the child as the primary architect of his/her development.  The main role of Educators is to help children socialize and support them as they explore the world around them. 

Click here to view the Ministère de la famille Program.

Click here to view the CQSB Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten) pamphlet.

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