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St. Patrick's High School

St. Patrick's High School

75, rue de Maisonneuve
Québec, Québec
G1R 2C4

Telephone: 418 525-8421
Fax: 418 525-6366

St. Patrick's High School


St. Patrick's High School is located in the heart of Québec City, making it easily accessible via public transportation.  Please refer to the link for directions to our location.

St. Patrick's High School Directions (Click Here)


Located in the heart of Québec City, St. Patrick's High School is an English high school rich with Irish Catholic history. The school had its humble beginnings in 1843. Today, the school is no longer denominational but still maintains a strong sense of Irish pride.  Over the years, generation after generation have attended St. Pat's which allows many important traditions to live on creating a strong sense of belonging. Many staff members are also alumni who help carry on our Fighting Irish traditions.

Students who attend St. Patrick's High School are offered a rigorous academic program. All our students have an opportunity to graduate with both English and French mother tongues. This is unique in Québec. We offer a full program of math and science for students who wish to pursue the sciences at the CEGEP and University level.  At the senior level, St. Pat's also offers a variety of Social Science courses for students who are interested in pursuing that field later.

In order to reach out to as many students as possible, many different profiles are available to our students whether they are academic, sports related, or arts related.  Football, basketball, hockey, multi-sports, Spanish, science-tech, music, music – vocal, art, drama, student leadership and woodworking are offered to students so they can discover their true passion.

A long standing tradition which is anticipated by many students is our annual public speaking competition. Students from secondary one to five will research a topic of their choice and develop their speech writing skills. This culminates in the best speeches competing in front of the student body.  These skills better prepare our students for public speaking opportunities that will arise in their futures.

St. Patrick's High School is also recognized for its rich extra-curricular programs.  Students have the opportunity to join various teams such as; football, basketball, rugby, ultimate frisbee, track and field, and outdoor education.  We also participate in community events such as the Spartan Race and Winter Pentathlon.

The Student Council at St. Patrick's High School is very active and dynamic in planning and running activities which promote a sense of belonging and pride to students.  Starting with a bang in September, a school wide activity called "Colour Clash" is highly anticipated every year.  Students are divided into 12 multi-level colour teams and get to know each other while competing in entertaining games.  Theme days, pep-rallies, movie nights are just a few of many activities held at St. Pat's. 

Not to forget the many other activities organized by dedicated staff members such as the jazz band, various plays, the yearly talent show, improv nights and "St. Pat's Cares" which promotes community involvement. 


At St. Pat's we believe in:

  • FOSTERING personal growth
  • DEVELOPING responsible citizens
  • CONTRIBUTING to the community
  • INFLUENCING the future enriched by our traditions



Student success is at the heart of our mission. We strive to develop the whole person by instilling values of academic success, respectful and responsible citizenship, and contribution to society.


ST. PAT'S VALUES                                                        ST. PAT'S VISION                                                                                       

RESPECT                                                                          Success for all learners





  • Special Needs Program including special needs technicians and resource teachers
  • The "Shamrock Room"
  • Behaviour Technician
  • Guidance services
  • Psychology services
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Tutoring
  • Daily Advisory Program



  • Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field, Outdoor Ed.
  • Educational Field Trips to New York, Boston, Cuba and New Orleans, Washington and Philadelphia, Ireland
  • Student Leadership Program 
  • Music-Band for all levels
  • Music Camp
  • Jazz Band 



  • Participation in a provincial Student Leadership Conference
  • Pep rallies for sports
  • Talent Show
  • St. Patrick's Day Show
  • Public Speaking Competition
  • Summer BBQ
  • Drama
  • Honour Roll Ceremonies
  • Annual Sports Award Gala
  • Ring and Pin Ceremony
  • Graduation Ceremony



  • Governing Board
  • Parents' Participation Organizaton
  • Football Booster Club

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