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Ecole Primaire New Liverpool

New Liverpool Elementary School



We are proud to inform you that at its April 19, 2023, regular meeting, the Council of Commissioners of the Central Québec School Board approved the recommendation of the Selection Committee which chose the name New Liverpool Elementary School for our new English school on the Québec South Shore. 

In September 2023, the existing St. Vincent School building will be renamed New Liverpool Elementary School and will temporarily house our elementary students residing on the South Shore. Then, in March 2024, students will integrate their brand-new establishment located on chemin du Sault in Lévis. 



Our call to the community has been heard as hundreds of suggestions have been received. Thank you for participating in such large numbers. 

Why New Liverpool? 

Inspired by the English ring of the name and the presence of English-speaking people in this geographical area, our choice of name is a tribute to this area of the South Shore which has contributed to the development of the region notably through the lumber trade and shipbuilding. 

We are proud to be the first English-speaking school to open in this area since the beginning of the 21st century and look forward to seeing our students grow within its walls. 

The New Liverpool Elementary School is part of a new generation of schools that will, incidentally, feature noble materials, among which wood holds a prominent place. 

See you soon! 


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