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St. Vincent School

St. Vincent School

995, avenue Wolfe
Québec, Québec
G1V 3J9

Telephone: 418 652-2106
Fax: 418 652-2379

St. Vincent School


St. Vincent School is located in the city of Québec, former suburb of Ste-Foy, and is easily accessible by following the boul. des Quatre-Bourgeois and turning onto avenue Wolfe.


St. Vincent school is an English elementary school whose mission is to provide our students with an education of superior quality, one that will maximize each student's potential; academically, socially and personally.

Central to our mission is the prime importance we place on our languages and values. As an English elementary school we wish to instill positive values and attitudes in our students; a love of learning, caring and respect for one's self and others, hard work, self-discipline, personal responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to each student's intellectual, social, physical and artistic growth.


St. Vincent School offers an English Program and a Basic Literacy Program. There is a well developed Music Program, complemented by trips to le Grand Théâtre. Computer literacy is part of each student's curriculum.

Key to the development of a safe and healthy school is our Kids Helping Kids Program. Students participating in this program are trained in conflict resolution skills and they provide a valuable service to students and supervisors.

Support Services

  • Special Education Technicians and Resource Teachers
  • Tutoring/Remediation
  • Youth Counselors
  • Homework Assistance/Wellness/Health Program
  • Music Specialist
  • School Daycare and Pre-School Services
  • French Language monitor

Extracurricular Activities

  • Lunch Time and After School Sports (Basketball, Floor Hockey)
  • Chess Club, School Newspaper
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Music (choir)
  • Terry Fox Run/Jump Rope for Heart
  • Buddy Reading

Participation of Parents

  • Governing Board
  • PPO
  • Volunteers

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