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Eligibility to English Education

In order to qualify for English instruction in Québec public schools, students must meet certain eligibility criteria under the Charter of the French Language as set out by the Québec government.

Certificate of Eligibility

If your child has already obtained a certificate of eligibility and you wish to register your child in a Central Québec School Board school, please go directly to the school your child will be attending with the child's original birth certificate on which the parents' names appear.

If your child has never been granted an Eligibility Certificate, an official request will need to be made to the Ministry of Education in order for your child to be allowed to attend an English school. Depending on the situation, parents will need to fill in a request form and will have to provide the school with all necessary documents. Parents are invited to contact the school associated with their territory to get the request form and to be informed about the documents needed.

How to Obtain a Long Version Birth Certificate?

In order to be allowed to register your child in a Central Québec School Board’s school, an original of your child’s birth certificate bearing the parents’ names is required by the Ministry of Education. 

In the Province of Québec
For more information on how to obtain a birth certificate in the province of Québec, or to order a birth certificate, consult the website of the Directeur de l'état civil:

Other Canadian provinces/territories
If your child is born in a Canadian province or territory other than the province of Québec, it’s possible to order a birth certificate online. 

Foreign Countries
If your child is born outside of Canada, an original of the birth certificate is requested. If the certificate is written in another language than French or English, an official translation must also be provided either in French or in English. 

More Questions About the English School Eligibility Process?

For more information on the eligibility request process for English schools, please contact the school associated with your territory.

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