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September 2018

Director General's Objectives 2018-2019

Central Québec School Board

  1. Support and accompany the school teams in the elaboration of their first Educational Project.

  2. Continue the elaboration of the Central Québec School Board (CQSB) Communication Plan.

  3. Support the organization of the first “We Are CQ” event to be held in November 2018.

  4. Promote sound staffing decisions to positively impact the mental health of our employees.

  5. Keep a focus on organizational needs and future directions within the context of changing political landscapes.

  6. Promote and implement lockdown readiness in all CQSB schools, in partnership with local authorities.

  7. Continue to build strong partnerships/relationships with municipal partners in Lévis and at the Ville de Québec in the context of new schools to be built.

  8. Lobby for the funding of an extension and new gymnasium for MacLean Memorial School.

  9. Launch the consultation process for new catchment areas to be implemented for elementary schools of the Greater Quebec City Area for school year 2020-2021.

  10. Continue to improve the quality of transportation services offered to students transported by the CQSB.

  11. Support the new Naskapi Liaison Director in his/her new role.

  12. Prepare succession and transition for emerging leaders to take on new roles within the CQSB.

  13. Lead the process towards the unified high school in Quebec City.

  14. Work collaboratively with French School Boards from all administrative regions covered by the CQSB, to come to an agreement on school tax collection.

  15. Support the Council of Commissioners by providing the commissioners with relevant, timely information in order to facilitate sound decision-making.

Respectfully submitted by,

Stephen Pigeon, Director General