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September 2020

Organizational Objectives 2020-2021

Central Québec School Board

  1. Support our establishments in the re-opening of schools and adapt as needed the practices of the Central Québec School Board to the imperatives of the COVID-19, to ensure the safety of our students and staff, while maintaining a quality learning environment.
  2. Continue to oversee the acquisition of prime sites to build our new elementary school on the South Shore of Quebec City and our new secondary school in Ste-Foy.
  3. Oversee the Final phase of the “Ecole secondaire anglophone de Sainte-Foy" – its design and achievement.
  4. Evaluate the offer of service to our communities of the Quebec City North Shore & Three-Rivers area.
  5. Continue to oversee the ministerial requests for expansions at RRHS and Portneuf Elementary School as well as the ongoing projects such as the expansion at MacLean Memorial School and RRES.
  6. Oversee the Electoral Process leading to the new Council of Commissioners.
  7. Implement a plan to improve the teachers’ readiness to teaching online.
  8. Implement flexible working conditions such as tele-work, 4-day week, etc. for our school board office employees in order to improve employee mental health.  
  9. Implement a new automated work-process system to improve on work efficiency and cost-savings.
  10. Ensure transparency by continuing to inform the CofC with relevant and timely information necessary to facilitate sound decision-making.

Respectfully submitted by,

Stephen Pigeon, Director General



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