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As stipulated in section 21.0.3 of the Act Respecting Contracting by Public Bodies, the Central Québec School Board, a public body governed by the Act Respecting the Autorité des marchés publics (LAMP), must set up an appeal procedure for bidders wishing to make a request for information or clarification regarding the content of a call for tender or a qualification process.

In so doing, if the documents of a call for tenders, or an organization's qualification, provides conditions which do not ensure an honest and fair treatment of competitors, do not allow competitors to participate in it even if they are qualified to meet the needs expressed or do not otherwise comply with the normative framework, the tenderer may appeal to the School Board.

To this end, Central Québec School Board must put in place procedures to be followed in such a situation at the disposal of tenderers. This document contains all the necessary information to produce the application and can be downloaded hereunder. (note that the file is only available in French for the moment).

Réception et l'examen des plaintes prévu à l'article 21.0.3 de la Loi sur les contrats des organismes publics (LCOP)