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The Holland School Governing Board is composed of the following members: six parents, two support staff members, four teachers, two persons from the community and the school administrator.


Parent reps are elected at the school'sgeneral assembly held in September and serve a two year term.  Remaining members are appointed by their peers.  All members, with the exception of the community members and the administrator, are entitled to  a single vote.

For a complete account of the role played by the Governing Board in the life of the school, please consult the following document: http://www.fcpq.qc.ca/docs/fascicule12an.pdf

Rules of procedures Governing Board

2013-2014 Governing Board


Parent Reps:                Teacher Reps:              Daycare Rep               Support Staff

Alex Baker                   Brenda Beatty                                               Mario Rheaume

Kelly Field                   Andrea Pelletier

David Arseneault         Marie France Faucher
Sonia Monnier
Serge Gosselin

Vicky Levesque


Principal                      Community Reps

Lisa Larente                 Cheryl Power


Executive Members

Chairperson:               Alex Baker

Vice Chairperson:       David Arsenault

Treasurer:                    Serge Gosselin

Secretary:                    Kelly Field



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