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Did you know that you could view which books are available at our School Library ? Click here for more details.

The Central Quebec School Board is committed to bringing unique learning opportunities to our students and we are pleased to introduce a new, free reading service providing digital books through OverDrive. Your child needs his edumail address to access this service. See the Promotional poster here.

Click here to consult the monthly calendar of activities.

Order form to purchase tickets for the Remparts game on January 9th.

Online booking for Parent-Teacher meetings starts on November 16th 2015
The site is back online! https://stvincent.schoolappointments.com 
Instructions (les instructions en français sont sur la page 2 de ce document)


·       ·  ALL registrations from our online system from last year have beendeleted;
·  ALL parents will have to re-register & add their children BEFOREmaking appointments;
·   Registration can (and should) be done before thesystem “opens” for appointment making (this can be done now)

End-of-day Procedures (updated September 2015)

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