Our projects

Our projects


Extracurricular Activities

Our team has organized a variety of extracurricular activities.

Whether you enjoy sports, arts, sciences, tabletop games, or simply want to chat and meet new people, we have an activity for you!

Visit the "afterschool activities" tab to see the details of each activity and sign up.



Did you know that one out of two girls quit sports when they hit puberty?

FitSpirit encourages teenage girls to fall back in love with sports by encouraging them to be physically active throughout their lives. It also creates unforgettable experiences as they build a community of inspirational and committed individuals around them.

At RRHS, we know the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

FITSPIRIT means...


✔️Supporting one another

✔️Surpassing one's limits

✔️Having fun!

Contact Ms. Marianne Larouche for more information. 



Outdoor nature and nature expedition.

In October 2018, 15 high school students from RRHS went on an outdoor adventure and nature expedition. One of the objectives of this activity was to live a group experience in nature. Another one was to help student to develop their social skills. They left with two guides from UQAC’S nature department, the principal Jamie Kirlin, the resource teacher Kathie Boulianne and the special education technician Joany Chapdelaine.

During the three days and two nights that the group were at «Lac Simon Couche», they have experimented teamwork and mutual aid. To get to their camp, the group had to walk around 5 kilometers. They had to bring all their stuff on their own (even their tent!!). 

Even thought it rained for the whole trip, the students kept their positive attitude and continued participating to the activities that were planned. They have built their tents, learned how to light up a fire, helped with the meal’s preparation and the dishes, built «survivor tents» etc.

To prepare the students to the activity, they have spent a morning at UQAC 3 weeks before the trip. Over there, they played team games and they climbed.

Two weeks after the trip, we went back at the UQAC to do the same activities. We could see that the kids showed more self-confidence, and it was easier for them to communicate between each other.

Joany Chapdelaine, Special Education Technician


La grande course au secondaire

On May 11th and 12th 2019, some Riverside students participated in “La Grande Course au Secondaire” which is the high school part of the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. The objective was to run 270km from Quebec City and end the run in the Olympic stadium in Montreal. The idea behind this event was not to compete against other schools, but to promote the importance of adopting health habits and lifestyle. The students that participated in this event started training during the month of January. As a group, we ran 3 times a week outside and let’s say that Mother Nature was not very forgiving this year! But, we came together as a group and motivated each other to not abandon this wild adventure.

During the 2 days of this event, the students took turns to run.  So, each student would find a partner to run with for 2 km and then 2 km later, our charter bus would be waiting for us and 2 new runners would take the relay. We did this for 270km! Shout out to the runners who ran during the night shift…wow!

The last kilometer was ran the whole team together. As a team, we proudly entered the Olympic Stadium with hundreds of people cheering for us. We even had Pierre Lavoie and Marianne St-Gelais waiting for the group to give us medals!