Dress code

Dress code

The RRHS dress code doesn't target or discriminate against gender, sexual orientation, or expression. RRHS does not have a formal dress code, however, expectations do exist. The school is a professional work environment that must be respected by all students and staff. The text and images below provide a simple way of determining if clothing is appropriate for school or not.


Refer to the bullet points and images below for some details and examples of proper and improper attire for RRHS:

  • All areas shown in grey must be covered when sitting, standing, bending, and reaching.

  • The minimum length of shorts, skirts, and dresses is mid-thigh.

  • Undergarments (underwear and brassieres) must be covered.

  • Ripped clothing is permitted if the guidelines described above are respected.

  • Expressions of vulgarity, violence, judgement, obscene and/or inappropriate texts or images--printed or otherwise are prohibited.

  • Footwear must always be worn and be appropriate to the activity.

  • Jackets, caps, blankets, and hats must be left in lockers during class time.