School procedure

School procedure

What happens when my

child reports bullying to a

RRHS staff member?


At RRHS, we consider Bill 56 (An Act to Prevent and Stop Bullying and Violence in Schools) a serious matter. As soon as we are made aware, we apply our Anti Bullying Action Plan.

  • All bullying situations are immediately reported to the behavior technician and to the principal;

  • As soon as they have the details, the student(s) targeted, the instigator and the witness(es) concerned are met in the principal’s office to gather as much information as possible.

  • In case of doubt, teachers or staff members can also be consulted to gather further information.

  • If ever the principal and the behavior technician are missing important details or are not able to make an informed decision, a warning will be given to the instigator.  Details of the event and meeting will be written in the student’s folder.

  • On the other hand, if enough information has been gathered from the different parties, or the author of the bullying admits to it, he/she will have a consequence without any further notice.

  • A phone call is made to all parents/guardians whose child is involved. If a suspension occurs, the parents are informed before the student is sent back home.

  • In some situations, we might have to include the police if the targeted student wishes to file a complaint for a case of violence, bullying or cyberbullying.

  • A follow-up is then initiated with the student targeted to let him/her know that the school has taken actions to stop the bullying and to make sure he/she feels safe in our school.

  • Once back to school, the instigator will be met with his/her parents/guardians to reintegrate the school. This is where a contract might be signed to avoid repetition of his/her actions.

  • All staff members are then advised of the situation, so that they can keep an eye on specific students. The Zero Tolerance Policy is stricter in the case of another situation with the same student.

  • In case of a re-offense, the student will immediately have a consequence. There are many measures that can be put in place to help the student understand the impact of their actions:

    • Out of school suspension (minimum of one day)

    • Research on bullying and its consequences

    • Anti Bullying contract to prevent recidivism

    • Apology letter

    • Etc...

  • RRHS treats these matters very seriously as our student’s well-being is our top priority.  

  • Never will a bullying situation get worse if it is dealt with by adults.

  • If you feel that your child might be experiencing a difficult situation at school, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will find solutions to sort it out.


Pier-Olivier Tremblay, Behavior Technician: 418-548-3181 #1921

Jamie Kirlin, Principal: 418-548-3181 #1910