Need support ?

Need support ?

You have experienced, witnessed or been the instigator in a bullying situation? Take some time to read the following tricks and resources that are there for you to use.

Why do some people bully others ?

Buylling is not okay in any case. But multiple reasons could lead an individual to bully someone else.

► Impress other peers

► Express their anger/frustration

► Jealousy

► Take power over someone else

► Raise their self-esteem

► Have been bullied themselves

► Etc...

Here are several effects you might experience from suffering bullying:

► Lost of appetite                                                        ► Thoughts of hurting yourself

► Trouble sleeping                                                      ► Have trouble with school work

► Suicidal thoughts                                                     ► Feel hopeless or powerless

► Constent feeling of being sick                                 ► Etc.

► Feel alone, angry or sad regularly

If you recognize yourself in multiple of these effects, please consider the following ideas to help you:

 Our website has a form to report bullying situations anonymously, it is really important that you use it to prevent anyone else to go through what you are living. You can ask a friend, a family member or an adult to go through it with you;

► Keep your distance from bullying;

► Never bully back, it will never make things better;

► Not everyone is able or comfortable to do so, but stand up and name to the instigators that what they are doing is wrong;

► Talk to anyone you trust, preferably an adult that will help you;

► Take some time to do something that you enjoy and change your mind.


Here are multiple resources that you can use in order to share, ask for tips, or get the support you need online:

► Kidshelp website​​​​​​​offers you multiple means to chat 24/7, email, phone call or online chat ! Click the link and press Get Help !

► Kidshelp text message service; Need help now? Text CONNECT to 686868

► Suicide Prevention Hotline : 1-866-277-3553

► ► ► Keep in mind you can always refer to any adult in the school to support you and help you with anything you might be going through!