"Just For Friends" Daycare

Welcome to Shawinigan High School "Just for Friends Daycare". 

The daycare is open daily with services available as follows:



Morning hours:          Period 1:         7h30 to 8h55

Afternoon hours:        Period 2:         15h40 to 16h30

Afternoon hours:        Period 3:         16h31 to 17h30




***Note that daycare will be closed when there is a school closure due to inclement weather.



There are two types of registrations available:


 Government Programfor a minimum of 3 days/week - $8.15/day.  The government program is suitable for students who will be attending several days a week on a regular basis, morning and afternoon.


Hourly Option - $6.00/period.  There is 3 periods during a day ; 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (15h40 to 16h30 and 16h31 to 17h30) The periods option is suitable for students attending daycare occasionally or on an irregular basis.



***Lunch Hour supervision is a Daycare responsibility and the cost is $1.50 per day for everybody who stay at school during noon hour.

 Daycare Rules and Regulations

Reglements du Service de Garde


Thank you,

Nathalie Proteau

Daycare Administrator