: Sec1 to Sec 5 students were invited to an E-Sport evening with the College Shawinigan Team. We are planning on starting a weekly after-school program to socialize and develop our skills. Registration should be sent home by the end of the month.

HOT-LUNCH: In association with Mike Pizzeria in Saint Georges de Champlain, we will now offer a worry-free option for parents on the go. We will have an expanding menu. Week 1, you can buy a nice sized home-made spaghetti plate for $5. Week 2 we will add another option (pizza anyone?), week 3 (Lasagna), etc. up to 5 different options at a time. All meals will be $5.

CANTEEN: It will be a mini-convenience store. Please note that no treats will be sold on bake sale days and no warm meal options will be available during grilled cheese sales, soup sale or any meal option provided as a classroom fundraiser. 

22nd: Our grade 3 to 6 students will be starting a 7-week cheerleading and gymnastics after-school program here at SHS! Gymnigan will be sending 2 qualified coaches allowing our little brothers and sisters to discover something new or simply improve their skills.

Upcoming registrations:
- French mother tongue option after school (Sec. 1 to Sec 5)
- Esthetician/Beauty school (Grade 6 to Sec 5)
- Drama club (Sec 1 to Sec 5 initially, then Grade 3 to 6)
- E-sports league (Grade 6 to Sec 5)



Our students are ready to provide snacks, hot meals, and beverages to the school population. The hot lunch is in association with Mike Pizzeria in Saint-Georges de Champlain.



New Bilingual Pre-K Program - Open to All

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Alex Bellemare, SHS Grad of 2010, will be participating in the 2018 Olympic freestyle skiing competition.

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