Welcome to Mauricie English Elementary School! We are a vibrant English Elementary school located smack dab in the middle of Trois Rivieres, a predominately francophone city situated along the St. Laurence seaway between Quebec and Montreal. We are the third largest city in this belle province of Quebec.

At MEES, you will meet staff, students and parents that carry a great pride and sense of belonging. Although we are only officially entering our 12th year as an elementary school, we have already created a strong culture of collaboration as we continue to develop our character and reputation as a school where the staff are dedicated to providing a caring environment where diversity is embraced and student success is a priority. Throughout our Facebook page you will see pictures of many smiling faces participating in a variety of events. Our skilled and devoted teaching staff work together to design innovative lesson plans, with differentiated instruction and evaluation as needed to ensure learning for all.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful school facility that is fully equipped with the latest technology. Not only will you find interactive White Boards (Smart Boards) in all of our classrooms, you are sure to find iPads, I-Pivots and programs such as Word-Q and Speak-Q. Our school subscribes to an on-line reading program called Razkids and the majority of our students also have a license to use one of three on-line math programs; Dreambox, IXL, or Mathletics. Our educators are life long learners who keep abreast with the newest trends and research in Education today.

At MEES we know that learning does not only happen in the classroom.  If you are fortunate enough to step into our yard, you will find two surprisingly large playground areas. Our newest module and sandbox is located on the side of the school that houses our Early Childhood center and Daycare. This playground is dedicated to our youngest students and provides an opportunity for socialization before they mature on to the larger playground. We have a paved area with painted games and of course 2 hockey courts for all seasons, a basketball court, 2 large soccer fields, a baseball field as well as two more modules surrounded by sand to play in. From experience, we know that engaging students in activities they enjoy reduces the frequency of conflicts and increases the safety of our school yard.

Outside of class time, our dynamic and loving team of daycare educators have a panoply of games and activities to captivate and engage our students. Through team play, leadership opportunities, theatre, and dance our students often unveil hidden talents that we are able to showcase to our school community in our Spring Talent Show. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page to find more about our amazing school. If you are in the area and would like to learn more, please do make it a point to come in and visit us.

Sincerely,   Elana MacDougall, School Principal