Community Agreement

Community Agreement

Staff, parents and community members of MEES work collaboratively to support students in achieving their personal best.  At MEES we strive to prepare our students to become active contributing members of society.  We believe that social and academic growth will continue to flourish in an environment of respect.  The foundation for our community agreement is based on 3 types of respect:

  • Respect for Ourselves
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for the Environment

Respect for Ourselves means:

  • I am on time for school and class;
  • I have the appropriate tools and materials for learning;
  • I complete assignments on time to the best of my ability or  bring questions to the teacher for help in completing the assignment on time;
  • I come to school in appropriate attire;
  • I use appropriate verbal and body language;
  • I safeguard my personal belongings.

Respect for Others includes:

  • I treat others fairly and courteously;
  • I support a safe and violence-free school, which includes refraining from all forms of play fighting;
  • I respond appropriately to the authority of ALL teachers and staff;
  • I safeguard others’ belongings;
  • I encourage others to do their best;
  • I listen and give my utmost attention to the class leader (student, teacher or other staff);
  • I participate positively in class;
  • I allow others to express their ideas and opinions freely without fear of judgment and or ridicule.

Respect for Property and the Environment:

  • I use the following items with care and only for their intended use:  lockers, desks, textbooks, computers, gym equipment, playground equipment, classrooms and washroom facilities;
  • While in the cafeteria, I stay in my seat, eat quietly, put all garbage in the trash cans and take home left over food that is in my lunchbox;
  • I put all garbage in the trash cans;
  • I recycle when possible;
  • I walk quietly through the school.

Corrective Interventions

Everyone makes mistakes!!!

In the event that a student is failing to act respectfully as outlined above, an intervention will be made with the intent of bringing the child to understanding and correcting the behavior.  There are three possible interventions:

In-Class, Teacher Intervention

An in-class intervention will be at the discretion of each teacher, depending on the severity of the action. Teacher interventions most typically include a private discussion during the student’s time; a verbal or written reflection during the student’s time; and possibly negotiated reparative gestures.  The student agenda is the primary tool of communication between teachers and parents, but when necessary, a telephone call will be made. A teacher may also use other interventions of which the parents will be notified at the beginning of the year.  Should the behavior persist or be of a more serious nature, the case will be referred to the administration.  

Supervisor Intervention

At MEES we have a number of supervisors working early in the morning before classes, at lunch hour and after school.  Should a child behave in a manner contrary to what is outlined in the code of respect, supervisors will try to correct this behavior during their working hours.   Depending on the severity or frequency of the negative behavior, the supervisor may give a reminder to the student, ask the student to shadow them, or allow for reflection time where the child sits quietly alone.  Should the behavior persist or be of a more serious nature, the case will be referred to the administration and or teacher.  

Administrative Intervention

The final step of our intervention process occurs when a student is referred to the administration.  Once again, the goal of all interventions is to bring the child to understand his/her lack of respect for the MEES learning community.  In minor situations parents will be contacted either in writing or by telephone.  There are certain behaviors that will result in immediate suspension from the school community.  These include violence, possession of drugs/alcohol or other contraband substances, willful and deliberate opposition to the authority of staff and/or teachers and refusal to change disrespectful behaviors.  The administrative intervention will be at the discretion of the Principal and Vice-Principal and will result in either an in-school suspension, or an out-of-school suspension.  The duration will be one to five days.  For extreme violence or drug and/or alcohol abuse, more serious action will be taken.

In all, the MEES staff and community are determined to ensure a safe, friendly and caring learning environment for all school community members.  Please be assured of our resolve and determination to make this happen.  We wish every school community member a successful and happy year!

** This policy is subject to review by the school discipline committee as needed.