Code of Conduct



STE-FOY ELEMENTARY – Learning Together. Achieve. Succeed


Values and Objectives

At Ste-Foy Elementary, students and staff are encouraged to
Develop a sense of responsibility
Enjoy a sense of belonging
Have respect for themselves and others
Live a safe and healthy lifestyle 
Maintain a harmonious school climate that favors concentration and thoughtful work.
Respect the environment
Stay motivated and develop new interests
Strive for academic and personal achievement


Staff Roles

All staff members are responsible for

Helping students in need
Maintaining order in the school
Intervening with students who violate the rules
Being concerned with the well-being of students

Teachers are responsible for

Educating their students, but also any student in the school
Explaining the rules to their students
Setting up an appropriate class structure
Apply the planned steps and announced sanctions that fall within their level of responsibility.


 Is responsible for the application of the rules.
 Management is responsible for the application of measures that involve the suspension or exclusion of a student.

Rules of Conduct for Fostering Calm, Harmony and Respect

 Students are expected to behave politely with every staff member.
Students must cooperate to maintain a positive school environment. 
School is a learning environment and students must do their part to keep it calm, orderly and clean.
Students must walk calmly in the school, stairs and corridors for their safety and out of respect for others who may be working.
Students must respect others in their language and gestures and not insult others, or say rude, hateful, sexist and discriminatory comments.
Every student is entitled to feel safe and that they belong and are welcome at our school, any form of verbal, physical and sexual harassment is forbidden.
Ste-Foy Elementary, Central Quebec School Board and the Ministry of Education have adopted a policy to prevent and banish all forms of psychological harassment. The offending student may be suspended from school.
School is a public place, out of respect for oneself and others, overt displays of affection are forbidden. (In other words, kissing is not allowed.)



1) What does it mean to be RESPECTFUL? 

Being RESPECTFUL means being kind and good to other students as well as yourself. 
Being RESPECTFUL is treating another student the same way you would want to be treated.


Here are some examples of RESPECT from SFE students

Treating yourself and others with kindness
Listening carefully to others 
Behaving appropriately
Showing consideration for the privacy of others
Paying attention to the feelings of others
Taking care of possessions and property
Treating others the way you would like to be treated
Saying and doing kind things
Being polite
Appreciating each other’s differences and abilities
Including others in work and play

2) What does it mean to be RESPONSIBLE?

Responsible students are trustworthy and make good choices. They have good behaviour. 

Here are some examples of being RESPONSIBLE from SFE students

Giving your best in all you do
Contributing by doing your part
Keeping the school and grounds tidy
Sharing with others
Cleaning up after yourself
Being honest to yourself and others
Admitting mistakes, apologizing, and making things right
Moving safely in and outside the school
Getting permission before leaving the school
Helping when someone is hurt
Playing safely without pushing or play fighting
Being a role model and helping others
Reporting problems to staff
Looking out for each other

3) What does it mean to be READY TO LEARN?

A student who is READY TO LEARN comes to school with an open mind and a willingness to listen. They arrive in class prepared to do the best they can. They attempt to stay focused on learning throughout the period while allowing their classmates to learn without distraction. They contribute in a positive way as an active learner.

Here are some examples of being READY TO LEARN from SFE students

 Completing homework on time
Keeping on task and using time wisely
Being organized – keeping the space around you neat
Arriving at school on time
Having all the material necessary
Handing in work well done and on time