Please label all containers with your child's name. No glass containers or bottles are permitted because when they are dropped, they shatter all over the classroom.

Food That is Encouraged

  • cheese
  • fruit
  • fruit juice (unsweetened)
  • milk 
  • muffins
  • vegetables
  • vegetable juice
  • yoghurt


Food That is Not Permitted (unless for certain special occasions sanctioned by the school)

  • cake
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • cheezies
  • chips
  • crispers
  • donuts
  • fruit roll-ups
  • gum
  • nachos
  • soft drinks
  • popcorn


Please do not send any food that contains peanuts or nuts due to allergies.


Students must eat their own food. There is no sharing due to allergies.

Water Bottles

Students may bring transparent, no noise water bottles (for drinking water, not juice) to class. They should be brought home once a week to be cleaned because mold can form inside.