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Governing Board 2017-2018

The Governing Board held their first meeting on September 25th.  We welcomed the returning members of the board David Hélie, Mathieu Galvani, Janique Lemire and Caroline Cloutier and newly elected member Ms Annie Lavoie. Janique Lemire accepted the Chair position on the Board and Carloline Cloutier the secretary position for the 2017-2018 school year. Also appointed or elected during the meeting:

Parent Committee Representative: Caroline Cloutier

Transportation Advisory Committee Representative : Mathieu Galvani

Community Representative: VACANT (We are looking for a Community Representive. However this person cannot be a parent but can be a grand-parent. Please contact Mr. Kenler if interested).


Parent representatives:

Janique Lemire, Chairperson

David Hélie

Caroline Cloutier

Mathieu Galvani

Serge Dalpé


Minutes of past Governing Board meetings

Click here for September 25th meeting minutes. 


Meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year

  • September 25th

  • November 28th

  • January 15th

  • March 19th

  • May 16th

  • June 18th