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Facebook Page

Please read us!

Our PPO collaborator, Ms. Christina Van Tassel, updates our PPO Facebook page regularly. 

VESPPO Facebook, it’s a great communication tool.  Thank you for linking us.


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PPO News

At VES, we are a small, cozy school where we wish to offer a smooth, pleasant and successful transition between early childhood and high school. The school’s Parent Participation Organization (PPO) contributes to this transition by welcoming parents into our school, by organizing enriching activities and by coordinating fundraisers to make special events possible.

In the last year, we have accomplished a lot. Here are some examples of services the PPO offered to our parents, students and staff:

  • PPO bought rainy days toys for students to use; we purchased shovels and crazy carpets;
  • PPO offered hot dog lunches with freezies at Christmas and in June to our students;
  • PPO bought cookies for the Municipality’s Bal des Tuques;
  • PPO sponsored trips during the year as well as end of year trips: to the Peewees, to the Circus school, Camp Minogami, canoe Legare and the Huron Village;
  • And PPO paid for the graduation cake and our Kindergarten graduation ceremony.

The PPO needs your help, it needs your involvement. 

For information about our PPO, please send an email to Ms. Veronique Charbonneau