While Riding the Bus:

1. Students are to sit in their seats facing the front.
2. Students are to keep their legs, feet, and personal possessions out of the aisles.
3. Students are not to create distracting noise.
4. Students are to behave in a safe and orderly manner at bus stops.
5. Students may not use the bus to transport live animals, reptiles, or insects.
6. Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus unless they have permission from the bus driver.
7. Students are to remain silent at all railroad crossings.
8. Students are to keep hands, legs, feet, heads, and any objects inside the bus always.
9. The school bus driver is completely in charge of the bus and all students riding on it and may exclude students who misbehave from riding on the bus and may assign work details to students who create messes on the bus.

School Bus Line-Up Zone:

1. Students are to line up or sit down in their own bus line.
2. Students are to wait in line in an orderly fashion.
3. Students may not move toward the bus until they are directed to do so.
4. Students are to leave the danger zone around the bus upon exiting the bus and go directly to the school yard or directly home and not play near the street.
5. Students are never to go under the bus for anything. They are to ask the bus driver to help them.
6. Students must get off the bus at their designated stops unless parents have made other arrangements in writing or on the phone. (Example: to go to a friend's house, or to be picked up at a bus stop by a friend’s parent.)


The Central Québec School Board sends busing information to parents in August. 

Rules of Conduct

Ste-Foy Elementary works closely with the school board to ensure that the Rules of Conduct and Code of Behaviour are respected.

Temporary Bus Stop Changes

Requests for temporary bus stop changes (i.e. If a child is debarking at a friend’s house) must be sent in writing to the principal in advance by both the sending and receiving parents. The principal’s signature and school stamp are necessary to approve the request.

Transportation Policy

To consult the CQSB Transportation Policies.