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Time? Bus stop? Bus #?


The Find my bus tool was developed to verify if your child is eligible to school transportation. If so, it provides details as to bus number, time and place of pick up and drop off, and transfers if necessary.


Find my bus




Please note that if you have any corrections or changes to your ADDRESS, we ask that you kindly contact your child's SCHOOL. Should there be any changes, we ask that you wait 48 hours prior to consulting this page again to validate that the information has been updated.


For more Transportation information: https://www.cqsb.qc.ca/en/web/cscq/transportation/our-team


School Bus Transportation Rules

Parents are encouraged to review these rules regularly with their children in order to ensure a safe environment on the school bus.


1. I will arrive early at the bus stop.


2. I will wait for the bus to be completely stopped before moving.


3. I will get on the bus without 

pushing or shoving.


4. I will go straight to my seat and stay seated at all times.


5. I will make sure my things are not in the aisle. 


6. I will not drink, eat or smoke on the bus. 


7. I will be respectful and polite towards others including the driver.


8. I will make sure not to do things that may disturb the driver (yell, move around, play, scuffle, fight, throw things, etc.) 


9. I will not put my head and arms or throw anything out of the bus window. 


10. I will wait for the bus to be stopped before getting up.


11.  I will move away from the bus as soon as I get off.


12. I will not play behind or around the bus.


13. If I cross the street, I will walk well in front of the bus, making sure the bus driver sees me and I will look both ways before crossing.


14. Any object that cannot be safely contained in a school bag will not be tolerated on the school bus.  The school bus aisle must be kept free of any object and the emergency exits and windows must be accessible at all times.  The following dimensions must be respected:  any object smaller that 70 cm X 30 cm X 20 cm can be carried on the bus.  Ice skates may be carried if they are in an appropriate sports bag.  Skateboards, snowboards, hockey sticks or equipment, large sports bags, will not be permitted on the school bus.  


Examples of musical instruments:  accepted:  clarinet, trumpet, alto saxophone; not accepted:  trombone, tenor saxophone.