Playground Safety


Students must respect our CODE OF CONDUCT and always play safely.





Playground Rules

1. One student is allowed on a swing at a time. Children are to swing straight ahead, not side to side, and are to exit the swings safely, no "bailing". Pushing may not involve grabbing or holding of others. No "under doggies." No hanging from the swing superstructure. Students who are not swinging are to remain away from the apparatus.

2. Students are to slide down the slide feet first.

3. Students using the firefighter's pole are to wait until others are out of the way before sliding down.

4. Students are not to jump from the top of any play apparatus.

5. Hanging from the basketball nets and rims is prohibited.

6. Students are to stay off the field when it is wet.

7. Students are not to play “King of the Hill”.

8. The little play module is for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

9. The big play module and cyclone are for grades 1 to 6.

10. Students are not to play tag on the equipment.

11. Staff may discontinue sports allowed during recess and lunch when safety issues arise or sportsmanship problems occur.

12. Students may only throw snowballs at the targets painted on the wall and when nobody is standing in front of them.





View our Code of Conduct.