Behavioral management plan


At Ste-Foy Elementary School, our goal is to provide our students with an environment conducive to learning; therefore, it is expected our students will display appropriate behavior daily. The following behavior management plan will be implemented to maintain an orderly learning environment and to redirect students’ inappropriate behavior. Students can and will learn to modify and manage their behavior so that it is appropriate for school. We strive to create and reach high expectations for all our students’ behavior and academic progress.

Family involvement in this process will play an integral part in our students’ overall success. Please take the time to discuss the components of this plan with your child. Teachers will keep families abreast of students’ inappropriate behaviors. If necessary, parents (or grandparents or guardians) will be required to meet with teachers and the principal to develop a specific plan for a child’s behavioral success.

School Mission Statement

Our school mission is to teach students the academic, social, and thinking skills necessary to become citizens who accept challenge, take responsibility for personal choices, and value themselves and others in a diverse world.

School Behavior Plan Vision

At Ste-Foy Elementary School, we strive to maximize learning by providing an atmosphere that is safe, nurturing, and positive for all students. It is our goal for students to take the responsibility in creating a climate that is conducive to academic excellence and civic awareness.

Expectations for Students

If given high expectations for behavior and provided with the direct instruction and continued reinforcement of positive behavior along with clear and fair consequences for misbehavior, all students can and will learn to behave appropriately at school.

Ste-Foy Elementary School students will focus on the following Ste-Foy Fantastic 4 Positive Behaviors:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Make Correct Choices
  4. Use Good Manners

In addition to understanding and demonstrating the Fantastic 4 Positive Behaviors, students are expected to follow school rules. The school rules are detailed in the Parent Handbook. Teachers, the principal, support staff, and parents will review these rules with the students. At school, teachers, the principal, and support staff will continually remind students of, explain, demonstrate through their behavior, and reinforce with consequences the school rules.

Positive Behavior Support

Behavior expectations and consequences must be explicitly taught, modeled, and discussed. At school, these are the responsibilities of the principal, teachers, and support staff:

  • During the first two weeks of school, staff members will explain and demonstrate Ste-Foy Elementary School’s procedures and behaviors. Teachers and staff members will continue to remind students of proper procedures and behaviors throughout the year. Teachers will discuss the expectations of students throughout the day.
  • Specific staff members will conduct character education sessions that focus on character traits, behaving appropriately, and acting responsibly. There will be follow-up discussions and activities led by the teachers (during class time) each week to accompany these sessions.
  • Teachers and staff will utilize the Fantastic 4 Positive Behavior posters and the school rules to teach the students the expectations in the classroom, cafeteria, gym, library, restroom, hallways, at recess, and during dismissal.
  • Fantastic 4 Positive Behavior posters will be placed in all classrooms and around the school to serve as visual reminders to the students.
  • Fantastic 4 Positive Behavior vocabulary will become a part of the school’s daily language to reinforce appropriate behavior.
  • Each classroom teacher will have a system in place so that each student immediately knows the consequences of his/her behavior. The system will include provisions for giving a warning, redirection, time away, and logical consequences directly tied to the misbehavior (Example: A student jumping from the swing results in that student not being able to use the swings again that day). Teachers will provide the principal with a copy of their classroom plan for behavior management.


Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Ste-Foy Elementary School staff will implement the following incentive as its positive behavior reinforcement. The goal is to promote positive behavior that fosters an environment conducive to learning. When a student has met the criteria, he or she will have the opportunity to participate in the incentive activity. There will be an incentive activity for each trimester. The incentive activities will be school wide or grade wide (K-2, 3-5, 6-8).

Students must meet the following criteria to participate in the incentive activity:

  • Demonstrate proper behavior throughout the trimester

  • No more than 2 referrals to the principal in 1 trimester

Some behavior incentive activities may include the following: extended recess, movie afternoon, Pizza Party, field trips, reward tickets for raffles, etc.

Behavioral Correction
The school has developed the following consequences to assist in consistency and fairness toward the students.

A. Teacher Behavioral Correction

Teachers are expected to manage their classroom and students. Each teacher will turn their classroom behavior plan in to the principal for review. In their classroom and with their students, teachers will support behavior management and correction. Minor disruptions and behavior problems will be handled by the teacher per the plan enacted in their classroom. This plan will include instruction of proper behavior and clear explanation of classroom consequences.

These are the school wide classroom consequence guidelines:






  • Academic dishonesty (copying, cheating, plagiarizing)
  • Minor classroom disturbances
  • Violation of technology policy
  • Minor disrespect
  • Forging parent’s signature
  • Altering a school document
  • Horseplay
  • Use of electronic device (cell phone, iPod, electronic games)
  • Zero on assignment, parent contact, teacher consequence, meeting with principal
  • Parent contact and teacher consequence
  • Meeting with principal
  • Parent contact, teacher consequence
  • Meeting with principal
  • Meeting with principal
  • Parent contact and teacher consequence
  • Meeting with principal



B. Supervisors and Staff Behavioral Correction

Supervisors and staff are expected to manage student behaviour. Minor disruptions and behavior problems will be handled by the staff member who encounters it. For minor offenses, it is the responsibility of the "adult in charge"  to intervene and assign consequences that may be warranted from the list of consequences and caring actions. A behaviour form will be filled out and given to the behaviour technician. 



  1. Verbal reminder/conversation
  2. Time-out
  3. Place student in a “no-play” zone outside to observe appropriate behaviors (shadowing)
  4. Community service specific to the infraction
  5. Recess, noon hour or after-school detention
  6. Confiscation of property for a day
  7. Child phones home
  8. Parent(s) notified by teacher and/or administration 


Caring Behaviours


  1. Restitution: apology, replacing, fixing, teaching opportunity (student prepares a lesson for a younger grade), community service, etc.
  2. Written reflection about the incident/ apologies etc.
  3. Project work 
  4. Other​​​​​​​


C. Administrative Behavioral Correction

If a student has repeated misconduct, or if the behavior is severe, students will be referred to the principal and/or behavior technician for additional behavior support. When a student’s behavior warrants being sent to the office with a referral to the principal and/or behaviour technician, the following consequences will be given:


a. Repeated, inappropriate or severe misconduct reported to Principal or Behaviour Technician





1st Offense 

Parent contact, Principal/Behaviour Tech conference with student

2nd Offense  

Parent contact, Principal/Behaviour Tech conference with student, written assignment and/or community service, lunch detention

3rd Offense 

Parent contact, Principal/Behaviour Tech conference with student, written assignment and/or community service, 1 day in-school suspension

4th &  5th Offenses 

Parent contact, Principal/Behaviour Tech and parent conference with student, written assignment and/or community service, behavior contract created, 1 day (or more) out-of-school suspension

6th Offense

Expulsion from school


Dress Code









A warning will be sent home. No gym shoes = no gym.








1st Offense


2nd Offense 




Parent contact, principal/behaviour tech conference with student 

Out of school suspension, principal will contact parents



*In rare cases, when deemed necessary, a staff member may bypass the steps of offenses and suspend a student.

When the administration is involved, the following steps may be used:

Step #1 Student Action Plan

Students referred to the office will develop a corrective plan to resolve their problem. This plan will have an outline of the unacceptable behavior, the plan to correct it and the consequence, if the plan is not followed. Parent/guardian contacted.

Step #2 In-School or Out-of-School Suspension

If students continue to demonstrate an unwillingness to comply with step #1, they may be suspended from 1 to 5 days.

Step #3 Behavior Management Plan

A behavior management plan will be developed by students and their parents/guardians and may include input from the school, student services, the Superintendent’s Dept. or outside agencies.

Step #4 Permanent Removal

This is the last resort when all reasonable efforts are exhausted and the student continues to remain a high risk to the learning and/or safety of others. The Superintendent’s and/or the School Board may decide to expel the student.