At St-Vincent School, our school mantra is SVS Builds Success, and we believe that you as a parent play an essential role in your child's success.

This new section offers a wide range of tools to help you support your child's growth. Reading is an essential building block to learning so you will find links to articles, ideas to promote reading at home, activities you can try out to encourage your young reader, and much more.

Enjoy browsing these resources and visit us often, we will do our best to keep adding to it. Your comments and suggestions are welcome at

Parent and Teacher Guides (en français seulement)

Reading Strategies with supporting videos (click on each title to view)

         This adorable pattern book encourages Iyana to link picture to print.

         David enjoys reading the pictures before discovering the text.

         Capri and teacher enthusiastically relate to personal experiences as they share this story.

         Matti deepens his comprehension as he predicts what might happen next.

         Alexis visualizes the story as he retells the events.

1. Triple P. The Triple P program is offered in the Quebec region since last year. They offer three conferences on
positive parenting practices. They’re free and on-going throughout the year. To consult their calendar of events, in French and English.

2. Ligne Parents. 1-800-361-5085. A free, confidential and anonymous phone helpline, with professional staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All questions are welcomed and valid. Since January, a chat line is also available.

3. Naître et grandir. A valuable web and paper resource in French for parents who want to learn more about
the development of their 0 to 8 years old child. Their personalized newsletter is very interesting.

Enjoy taking care of yourself, and your kids will too!

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