Our History

Our History

The 1950's -The English speaking Catholic children of Sainte-Foy first had separate classes in the Pavillon Le Normand on Route de L'Église. As the population increased, a first building was opened in 1956 on Wolfe Avenue in Sainte-Foy. In 1960, a second building was built and became known as the Boys' School.

The 1960's - In the late sixties, the Boys' and Girls' School were pleased to welcome new children who were former students of Marymount School which had been closed.

The 1970's - In 1970, the two buildings housing St. Vincent Girls and Boys were joined by a new construction which included a new gymnasium, library, kindergarten rooms, and office space. In 1972, St. Vincent welcomed the children from St. Stephen's School in Sillery which had been closed when the Sainte-Foy School Commission annexed that of Sillery.

The 1980's - In September 1986, the children from St. Patrick's School in Quebec joined those of St. Vincent. Also at this time, there were changes at the school board level. The Sainte-Foy School Commission became " La Commission Scolaire des Découvreurs".

The 1990's - In July 1998, St. Vincent joined the new English school board serving the region of Quebec City - The Central Quebec School Board.

We now serve the English-speaking children of the south-west Quebec City area and South Shore. This includes students from Lauzon to St-Etienne on the south shore and from Val-Bélair to Ste-Foy on the North Shore.