Nutrition Policy

Nutrition Policy

Students with Allergies (Food and other serious allergies)

1) Students whose allergies require them to have an EpiPen at their disposal are identified by the Jeffrey Hale nurse assigned to the school and a fact sheet outlining their allergies, corrective measures to be taken and a photo of the child are kept in a clearly marked binder in the office.

2) Epipens are kept in the main office in a clearly mark area.

3) Teachers, student supervisors and daycare educators are made aware of those children in their group with food or other serious allergies. 

4) All students are sensitized to the serious nature of certain food allergies.

5) Students are not allowed to bring nuts, peanuts or products containing nuts or peanuts.

6) A small dessert is acceptable as part of the student's lunch, but will not be allowed as a snack.

Parents are encouraged to provide nutritious snacks and lunches for their children. Parents are given information concerning nutrition through the health services provided by the school nurse. A policy on nutritious snacks is implemented at the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and cycles one, two and three.

Snacks must be nutritious in order to sustain a child until the next meal and they should be sugar-free to reduce the incidence of cavities. Fruits, vegetables, mild cheese, crackers, V-8 juice, 100 percent pure fruit juices, yogurt, sesame sticks, etc., are elements of healthy snacks.

Students at St. Vincent's School have access to cafeteria services. A committee consisting of the principal, cafeteria personnel, and members of the Governing Board or the Parent Participation Organisation approves the cafeteria menu and prices. The menu must conform to good nutritional habits.

As is mentioned in section 2.1 Students with Allergies (Food and other serious allergies), students are prohibited from bringing nuts, peanuts or peanut butter sandwiches to school. In the unfortunate event that a student does bring prohibited food to school, an isolated eating area will be provided for that student.