Registration continues for our bilingual Pre-K four-year-old program, new for 2017-18. Program costs $28 per day (5 days per week) plus school daycare for early morning and after-school. It is OPEN FOR ALL, including those who do not have a government certificate for education in English. For information or to set up a meeting, please call 819-536-2116 extension 1640 and ask for Ms Nathalie. Thank you! 

Ouverture de la Pre-Maternelle Bilingue Privée 4 ans au Shawinigan High School - 28,00$/jour (5 jours/semaine) + garderie scolaire sur place pour matin et fin de journée. 
Pour informations / rencontre : 819-536-2116 poste1640 demander Ms Nathalie