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Welcome to Portneuf


PORTNEUF ELEMENTARY is located in the town of Cap-Santé in the county of Portneuf and is accessible via Autoroute 40 and Route 138.


Portneuf Elementary School's motto is ‘Learning is Growing' and our logo is a tree.  The seven hearts that make the leaves of the tree represent the seven years a child spends in elementary school.  The heart-shape of the leaves represent the caring environment we provide for our students.  The green outer part represents people ‘holding hands' and working together.  Just like a tree, our students grow.  They are ‘growing' in an environment that nurtures their development.  

We believe that ‘support, challenge, motivation and harmony are needed to prepare our students for the future'.  We provide ‘support', which helps every student to learn and grow.  By ‘challenging' our students every day, we hope to encourage them to succeed to the best of their abilities.  We believe in ‘motivation' as a taste/desire to learn, and ‘harmony', which is needed to create a safe and happy environment.  Staff, students, family and the community work together to transform these beliefs and values into a positive learning experience.  This, in turn, will help our tree grow strong and reach for the sky.      ​