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Bullying occurs when someone:
 is a target of repeated negative actions over time.
 is victimized and feels that they cannot defend himself/herself against someone more powerful.
 feels embarrassed, hurt, scared, and/or angry because of being targeted.
Bullying can take place anywhere, anytime and for many reasons. Like other forms of violence, bullying must not be tolerated and requires immediate intervention
Bullying is a form of aggression with an imbalance of power. It does not have to be a physical fight. 


A conflict is a quarrel or clash that may happen between two individuals, two groups, or an individual and a group because of a contrast in their interests, objectives, values, roles, ideas or way of doing things. A jostle, fight, insult or other threat between individuals on an equal power footing may not necessarily be bullying. 



Normal Conflicts






  • Equal power between friends
  • Happens occasionally
  • Accidental
  • Not serious
  • Equal emotional reaction
  • Not seeking power of attention
  • Not trying to get something from the situation
  • Sense of remorse
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Effort to solve the problem



  • Imbalance of power
  • Repeated negative actions
  • Purposeful
  • Serious – threat of physical harm or emotional or psychological hurt
  • Strong, emotional reaction on part of the victim seeking power, control
  • Trying to gain material things or power
  • No remorse – blames the victim and there is justification from the bully
  • No effort to solve the problem


Where can I find more information about bullying?

Bill 56 - An Act to Prevent and Stop Bullying and Violence in Schools

CQSB's Policy on bullying


What can I do?

Discuss the topic with your child.

Report it! Click here to report a bullying incident.

Thank you for being part of the solution!