Appreciation Week for all Personnel in our Establishments

February 3rd to 9th, 2019 - Appreciation Week for all Personnel in the Establishments; Mauricie English Elementary School, Three Rivers Academy, Ste-Foy Elementary School, A.S. Johnson Memorial School, St. Patrick Elementary School, MacLean Memorial School, Everest Elementary School, Riverside Regional Elementary School, Riverside Regional High School, Quebec High School, St. Vincent School, St. Patrick's High School and Holland Elementary School.
(Teachers, Support Staff and Professionals)



Dear Teachers, Members of the CQSB Support Staff and Professionals:

It is with great pride that I, as the Chairman of the Central Québec School Board, and Mr. Stephen Pigeon, Director General, extend our heartfelt appreciation for all the wonderful contributions, support, guidance and caring that translate into success for each and every one of our students.

We know first-hand, that when you see one of “your” kids struggling, be it for school work, personal reasons, or in unexpected moments on any particular day, they know that they can count on your support.

Each and every, one of you are a big reason why our students feel safe at school; they love being there, they know that you can lend them an ear and that you genuinely care for their well-being, their happiness and their success.  You have crafted a safety net for them filled with caring and respect.

Your commitment to your respective schools/centre is exemplary.  We are honoured to have you amongst our Board, and it is clear that you are there for all the right reasons!

Again, your daily contributions are what makes our students proud of themselves and we of you!  Thank you and Congratulations!

Stephen Burke, Chairman                                          Stephen Pigeon
Council of Commissioners                                          Director General