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PIX Photography Contest 2017

It's the end of the year and there is plenty to celebrate. This year we saw some fantastic PIX photos and the judging was difficult. The quality keeps getting better and better. The settled on a photo by grade 5 student Felix Turner-Dufour from Ste-Foy Elementary School. Congratulations to Felix,  and to all the other winners in each category! Also, congratulations to the 5 students with Honourable Mentions. All the winning photos are up on our website: www.cqsbperformingartsfestival.com under PIX or click here for the list of winners. 

The grand winner will receive his $150 gift certificate and the Honourable Mention winners will all have a one year subscription to a photography magazine.  In the fall, the photos will be enlarged and framed for the PIX Touring Exhibition and will be viewed by thousands of students and parents across the school board. 

Thank you for participating in the PIX Photography Contest. We wish you a fantastic summer. Don't forget your cameras! 


Bronwen Hughes