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PAF17; A big hit for High School Students.

Students from seven different CQSB High Schools nearly lit QHS' stage on fire with smokin' performances during the 14th annual Performing Arts Festival. The workshops and evening show took place at QHS on Friday, April 7, 2017 with action-packed quality acts; from Gumboot to Hip hop dancing, original compositions, rock bands to band music, the audience was treated to tangible talent and explosive energy. 

During the day, the students participated in ice-breakers, getting to know other students in one of the 17 workshops they chose. As well, the 320 + participants took part in a whole group street percussion experience led by guest artists. Entrepreneur and artist Andy Nulman challenged the students with his talk on the need for artists in our world and what arts do for society. Mr. Nulman's advice on perservance and promoting your art, was echoed in other workshops as well. 

The Festival targeted the Guidance Oriented Approach to Learning, giving students the opportunity to be in TV Production, to be a choreographer, to hear what's it like in Show Business and more. Equally, the students experienced many multi-media workshops involving video and a mini-makerspace.

Many students' heads dreamt of the stars that Friday night...and with reason!


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