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COVID-19 Communication | Information


Note to all School Board Personnel #2: Consult the Human Resources Section of our Intranet where a FAQ document has been added in the new COVID-19 directory.

Note to all School Board Personnel #1: Please make sure to check your CQSB emails daily. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ministry Resources
Open School

Bon retour en classe ! For elementary students (In French)

Together, we continue to learn! For high school students

CQSB Resources
Pedagogical and Socio-pedagogical Resources within our CQSB Community

Communication to Parents

Best Practices
Best Practices Guide

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Toll free number - Information about Coronavirus

Need additional help during these difficult times?
The pandemic affects many people both directly and indirectly. With Quebec's economy having been turned upside down, for many families this new reality translates into difficulty meeting their basic needs, including that of food. If this is your case, know that our community can and wants to help you. Do not hesitate to communicate with the Principal of your child's school so that he or she can direct you to the resources available in your community. Of course, rest assured that everything will be treated confidentially and, above all, know that you are not alone in these difficult times.

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