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Complementary Educational Services - Mandate

Our Board offers services whose purpose is to foster the student's progress in his/her various training components.

These services include:

  •      Promotion and prevention
  •      Assistance to students with special needs
  •      Support to ensure favorable conditions for the student to learn
  •      School activities

The following are essential components of these services:

  •      Promotion and participation of students in educational activities
  •      Teaching of rights and responsibilities
  •      Sports, cultural and social group leadership
  •      Support in the use of resources available in the school library
  •      School and vocational information and orientation
  •      Psychology
  •      Psycho education
  •      Remedial education
  •      Speech therapy
  •      Health and social services
  •      Group leadership in spiritual and community life

Special Services

The School Board offers support to students for particular situations. They include teaching services at home or in the hospital for students who cannot attend school. These services allow the student to attain the objectives of the curriculum, despite his/her temporary absence from school.

Educational Services for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities are entitled to educational services adapted to their needs. Student's individual skills and needs are assessed. The School Board, in sync with the orientations advanced in the Special Education Policy of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur and its own policy, must ensure that the student receives services in the most natural way and as close as possible to his/her place of residence while giving special weight to integration into regular classes.

The means selected to adapt educational services to the special needs of each student with disabilities are explained in his/her Intervention Plan. This plan is developed under the responsibility of school management in cooperation with the partners concerned, especially the teacher, the student and his/her parents. Students with disabilities may also take advantage of school attendance up to the age of 21.

Health Services

Certain health services are offered in the schools by the health and social service network institutions, in this case, the CIUSSS/CISSS.