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Discipline and Behaviour

The four core values at Riverside Regional Elementary School are Friendship, Respect, Harmony and Agreement. As a community, the school believes that by demonstrating respect for each other, we can create a safe, caring and cooperative environment that promotes learning and celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals.  Riverside Regional Elementary School believes that all students have the right to learn, but that no student has the right to choose behaviour that infringes upon the rights of others.  We recognize the primary role of parents as the first and best educators of their children; we also recognize the partnership that needs to exist between home and school.

Our Discipline Policy is designed to encourage students to acquire and apply acceptable behaviours, be it in the classroom or anywhere on school grounds.  We have worked at developing a system of consequences that are fair and equitable, of which students will be informed.  Parents play an important part in the school’s effort to help each student become a full-fledged responsible citizen by promoting and supporting, at home, the values put forth at school.  Here at Riverside Regional Elementary School we teach and encourage our students to Stop, Think, Make the right choice.  However, students who choose to conduct themselves in defiance of school rules are subject to whatever consequences befit the misbehaviour or misdeed.

Students’ Responsibilities                                                              TOP


  • I am responsible for my own learning, and I allow others to learn.

  • I am responsible for treating everyone with respect, dignity, kindness and politeness.

  • I am responsible for my own safety, and the safety of others, at all times and in all places.  I tell an adult if I know someone is hurt or doing something dangerous.

  • I am responsible for keeping my personal space, my classroom and my school environment clean and tidy.

  • I am responsible for ensuring delivery of all forms of communication between school and home.

  • I am responsible for everything that I say and do, so I must always Stop, Think, Make the right choice!


 At Riverside Regional Elementary School, we believe that discipline is important in order to create and maintain a sense of community and a safe environment for all.  We also believe in giving students a chance to reflect on their actions, and learn from their mistakes; therefore, consequences are rendered according to the

severity and/or frequency of the misbehaviour or misdeed (a student has three chances to correct and improve his/her behaviour, otherwise the consequence can be more severe the next time he / she misbehaves).

When it comes to discipline, any recognized figure of authority within the school can assign a Think Sheet, Helper of the Day or Community Service to any student whose behaviour deserves one or both consequences.  However, the principal, after consulting with the teacher or staff member involved, is responsible for the Ped. Day Suspension and Out-of-School Suspension.




Think Sheet and/or Helper of the Day
  Student reflects on his/her behaviour, and fills out a Think Sheet, and/or is assigned to be the Helper of the Day of a teacher or supervisor, in reparation for his/her behaviour.

Non-violent actions or behaviour:
  - not following rules or instructions
  - minor disagreements between students, or
          between students and adults
  - disregard for the property of the school,
          teachers, fellow students, etc.

In-School Time Out

  Student stays inside at recess and/or lunch, for as long as is deemed necessary to reflect on his/her actions, and complete a Think Sheet and/or letter of apology.  The student may also be assigned Community Service, to give him/her the opportunity to do something good and productive for the school community.

Non-violent behaviour or lack of respect:
  - unruly behaviour (e.g., fooling around, making a
         mess) on school grounds or on the bus
  - use of bad language (English or French)
  - disrespect towards a person (teacher, supervisor,
         principal, student, etc.)
  - repeated offence after doing a Think Sheet and/or
         being Helper of the Day

Ped Day Suspension

  Student must come to school on a pedagogical day to reflect on his/her misbehaviour, and do Community Service.

Disruptive behaviour which can lead to harm:
  - any form of physical, psychological or emotional
         intimidation (e.g., bullying, racism, harassment)
  - throwing rocks, snowballs, or any object
  - repeated offence after doing In-School Time Out

Out-of-School Suspension

  Student is sent home for 1 to 3 days, depending on the severity of the offence.

Disruptive and violent behaviour:
  - fighting
  - repeated offence after doing a Ped. Day


Bus Transportation                                                                     TOP

Most of the students attending Riverside Regional School arrive at and depart from the school by bus.  There is regular bus service to Alma, Jonquière, Chicoutimi, Laterrière, CFB Bagotville and La Baie.  The school does not own or operate any of the buses, but the service is provided through the cooperation of the Alma and Jonquière school boards, as well as private bus contractors.  All regulations pertaining to school buses apply to the students travelling to Riverside Regional School.  The safety and security of students is the primary concern of all involved with transportation of students.  Please note that, in accordance with the bus company’s regulations, a student can only travel on his/her assigned bus.


Bus Rules                                                                                     TOP

  • Students are to be at the bus stop 5 minutes ahead of the regular pick-up time. 

  • Wait for the bus to be completely stopped and lights to be blinking before moving towards the bus.

  • Board the bus without pushing and shoving.

  • Go immediately to your assigned seat, and remain seated at all times.

  • Talk in a normal voice.  Refrain from yelling and disturbing others.  Swearing or using vulgar language is forbidden.

  • Eating and drinking is not permitted on the bus.

  • Wait for the bus to stop before getting up to leave.

  • Move away from the bus calmly.  Make sure the driver sees you at all times.

  • Respect the driver, other passengers, and the bus.

  • Transporting objects other than a school bag and/or lunch must be authorized.


Should your child misbehave on the bus, s/he will receive a verbal warning from the bus driver.  If such a warning does not suffice, s/he will receive a ticket from the driver for one or more of the following reasons:

Bagarre:  Fighting                                                 Bousculade:  Pushing and shoving
Vandalisme:  Vandalism                                        Désordre:  Disturbing others
Parle fort, crie:  Speaks loudly, shouts                   Impolitesse:  Impolite
Ne reste pas assis:  Does not stay seated                Langage vulgaire:  Vulgar language

As a parent, you will be asked to sign the ticket your child receives, discuss the incident with your child to help him/her understand the misbehaviour in order to prevent it from occurring again, and make sure your child return the ticket to the driver.  After two such tickets, a warning letter is sent home and, with a third infraction, your child may be suspended from bus transportation for a period of time, at the Principal’s discretion.  This suspension could be a day, several days or a week, depending on the severity of the case. Please note that a Bus Suspension is not a school suspension, and the student is expected to be at school.


Attendance                                                                                        TOP

Parents are asked to contact the school as early as possible in the morning to inform the secretary of their son’s / daughter’s absence (548-8296). If the student must leave the school during regular school hours, parents are asked to send a note, bearing their signature, specifying the date(s), the time and the reason for the absence.  Students are responsible for acquiring and completing work missed during their absence.

Should the winter weather be considered dangerous for the safe transportation of students to school there will be an announcement on the local radio stations before 7:00 a.m. to advise parents and students that Riverside Regional School will be closed for the day.  Should school need to be cancelled during the school day, parents will be advised by an appropriate means.

Student Illness                                                                                TOP

We do not have facilities at school to accommodate children who are ill.  Whenever a child becomes ill, we will telephone home to request that someone pick him / her up.  We therefore require an emergency contact number in case no one is available at home.

Recess                                                                                             TOP

All students are required to go outside during recess.  We will not, of course, send children out during severe weather, but please make sure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  Weather forecasts should be verified daily.  Healthy snacks are permitted at recess, but students are responsible for keeping the yard clean.

Hours:  from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                                                         TOP

The school’s doors are locked during the day, except for the morning and afternoon entrances.  Persons entering the school at other times must do so through the central entrance, and report to the secretary’s office.  Parents who come to school, at any time or for any reason, must check with the secretary before proceeding within the school, or onto the playground.

Nutrition  Policy                                                                             TOP

Not promoted in school

Promoted in school


  • Soft drinks

  • Popcorn

  • Chips, Cheesies

  • Nachos

  • Chocolate, candy

  • Soup mixes (Ramen)

  • Gum

  • Fruit roll-up

  • Nuts


  • Cheese

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit juice

  • Vegetable juice

  • Milk

  • Yogurt

  • Muffins

  • Granola bars

 * Teachers will make exceptions on special occasions.

Academic Expectations                                                                  TOP

Success in school is a combination of commitment, interest, hard work, and a sense of responsibility.  Riverside Regional Elementary School offers a varied and complete program for all students.  However, the vital ingredient to success is the attitude, willingness to work and sense of cooperation that the student brings to his or her school responsibilities.  A student who attends regularly, completes assignments on time, participates in class and tries to do a little more than the minimum expectation is almost assured of success.  The school’s expectations are that all students can and will succeed if there is a willingness to try.

Each teacher has developed a code of conduct that will contribute to a positive learning environment.  This code will be communicated to, and discussed with, the students in the first weeks of school.  Please discuss the expected behaviour with your child  and feel free to contact his/her teacher at any time.


Progress Report to Parents                                                           TOP

During the school year parents receive one anecdotal report, and three official progress reports.  If needed, others reports are sent home and parent-teacher interviews are scheduled to answer specific needs.

Homework is the reinforcement of skills taught in school.  These times are an average, however students with areas of academic concern may have to extend the time.  Homework requirements are:
Grade 1 _____15 minutes                             Grade 4_____40 minutes
Grade 2 _____20 minutes                             Grade 5_____45 minutes
Grade 3 _____30 minutes                             Grade 6_____50 minutes

School Fees                                                                                       TOP

Payment of school fees can be made by cheque or cash to the office.  Fees may be paid in several instalments with post-dated cheques as of September 1st.  You will have received a detailed list of the school fees at the end of June.  Throughout the school year, notices will be sent home for any activity that requires a small fee.

Students who stay for lunch are supervised by lunch-hour supervisors.  The authority of lunch-hour supervisors must be respected at all times.  Failure of students to respect the noon hour regulations will result in this privilege being withdrawn for a specified period of time.  Students may purchase a lunch at the cafeteria or bring their own.  Menus are available each month.  We encourage all students to bring a nutritional snack and lunch.


Student Dress Code                                                                        TOP

After an extensive consultation process in which staff members, parents and students were involved and with an 88% positive response, R.R.E.S will, as of 2007-08, be adopting a school uniform.
Students are expected to dress appropriately for school.  The following are considered unacceptable attire for school:

  • No low-rise shorts, pants or skirts that expose undergarments and/or body parts.

  • No short tops:  they must cover the belly button.

  • No tops with thin straps or spaghetti straps.

  • No shirts containing offensive writing, symbols or pictures.

  • No short skirts or shorts (the hem must not be higher than 5 cm above the knee).

  • No hats or caps worn inside.


If the student does not respect the dress code, he/she will be asked to wear a very large shirt, and a letter will be sent home to parents. If the student returns inappropriately dressed, then he/she may be sent home.

Personal Property                                                                          TOP

Parents are requested to identify their children’s clothes, shoes and lunch boxes with their name.  Clothing often gets misplaced.  If such is the case, items will be placed in the Lost and Found box.  Children are encouraged to look in the box.  Parents are also welcome to come and look for lost objects.

Valuable objects such as walkmans, CD players, MP3, video games and other toys are not permitted in the school, unless special arrangements have been made, such as Show-and-Tell activities.  The school does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, Roller-Blades, and Heelys

Students are allowed to ride their bicycle to school; however, the use of a bicycle should not disrupt the bus service in any way.  They must walk their bicycles when on school property.  Bicycles must be locked and stored at the appropriate place.  School does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen bicycles.  Skateboards, scooters, roller-blades and heelys are not allowed.


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