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Technology in the Classroom
(Quoted from Educational Leadership, vol. 63 no.4, Listen to the Natives, by Marc Prensky)
   "Our young people generally have a much better idea of what the future is bringing than we do.  They're already busy adopting new systems for communicating (instant messaging), sharing (blogs), buying and selling (eBay),  exchanging (peer-to-peer technology), creating (Flash), meeting (3D worlds), collecting (downloads), coordinating (wikis), evaluating (reputation systems), searching (Google), analyzing (SETI), reporting (camera phones), programming (moodding), socializing (chat rooms), and even learning (Web surfing)....
   We need to help all our students take advantage of these new tools and systems to educate themselves....
   Digital tools are like extensions of students' brains.....
   Students could quite feasibly invent technological solutions to streamline homework submission and correction, freeing up teachers for more meaningful work.  Encouraged to share their expertise, students can be a teacher's best resource for suggesting better access to technology, defining the kinds of technology that teachers should be using in the classroom, and showing teachers how they can use specific hardware and software tools to teach more effectively.".....  ( A very informative article, contact me if you are interested in reading the magazine)

     What is a podcast? 
A Podcast is an mp3 file created on your computer that can be played on an mp3 player, such as an ipod, burnt onto a cd, or put on a website for everyone to listen to..
How can it be used in class? 

  Create your own podcast....if you have a project and need a computer read

Weblog/blogging  Wikis
    A weblog, more commonly known as a blog, is someone's personal journal that is written on a website.  In education a blog can be a tool for students to publish their writing online.  Using a blog allows the students to get instant feedback from their readers.  This can be done in a secure environment so that students are protected.  This is very easy to set up.  more...
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     Using classroom communities with your students...
Videoconferencing in the Classroom
    The outlying schools in the board are now equipped with videoconferencing equipment.  This allows these schools work collaboratively with schools around the world.
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