The Naskapis were nomads who moved all over northern Quebec following the caribou. The first trading post was built at Fort Chimo in 1830. A year later the Naskapis began trading at Fort Chimo, which meant that the Naskapis depended less on the caribou and more on the trading.

In 1841, the Hudson Bay Company closed down Fort Chimo and relocated their trading post to fort Nascopi on Lake Petitskipau. The Naskapis only choice was to move where the new trading post was.
29 years later Fort Nascopi was abandoned because it was hard to supply the post. Fort Chimo reopened. The Naskapis had to move back to Fort Chimo because they needed to trade.

By 1915, Fort Chimo is closed again which means that the Naskapis were forced to move again to trade. The new location is Fort McKenzie. The post closed down after 33 years.

By 1956 the Fort Chimo were not as successful and this caused the Naskapis to live poorly and reach starvation. The Naskapis headed southwest to Schefferville where a mine had recently opened. They were looking to find work and they wanted better living conditions.

In 1957, the Naskapis moved to John Lake. In 1971, the government builds houses for the Naskapis in Matimekosh where the Montagnais also were.

On January 31, 1978, the Naskapis signed an agreement, which gave them power and money to make their own government. Today January 31st is known as Naskapi Day in Kawawa. By 1983, some families are ready to move to the new village of Kawawachikamach.

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